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Hi, I am Lin, a Vietnamese radiographer. 

Radiographer job chose me, not I chose it. Because, I love computer skills, code, something related to high-end technologies but my parents asked me to work in medical field. Luckily, as a radiographer, I still can use some high-end machine around me. After many years, I found out my philosophy is sharing experience to improve medical awarness and protect patients more, especially Vietnam Radiographer.

I used to love playing games, but I quit after I work in hospital because no free time. Just play mini games when I am free. 

I love researching in computer, reading a lot of new techniques, articles, books and tried to find out the best way to optimize image quality also workflow to give the safest exam for patients.

In Vietnam, when I was a student, just few women in Radiology depatment. My class only had 5 and when i was in intership, noone knew that I was a student who studied as a radiographer. When I go to work, only me as a female radiographer. Because of women, we need to try harder 2-4 times than male to reach our success. It has been very difficult way to do but all we can do is try ourbest. 

I hope in this women community, we can help each others to improve and develop together. 

Love you all!



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